Have some furniture or other items for sale?


Our love of vintage furniture and collectables means we are constantly on the hunt for new (old) exciting things, they don't need to be perfect either.

Have us sell your items for you

"Is this still available?" If you have ever tried to sell an item on Facebook Marketplace you know how many times you get this message, more often than not followed by silence or an offensively low offer. Not to mention buyers not showing up at all. We take away all of this hassle, no hidden fees, we come and collect your items and sell them on your behalf. We handle all advertising, collection, and delivery costs. We go 50 / 50 on the sale price but because we can get the maximum value possible for your items this is often a lot more than you'll get selling elsewhere, this also comes with the reassurance that you aren't going to see your item being resold elsewhere for a lot more money.

Sound good? Just use our contact form below to drop us an email detailing what you have to sell. If they are items that we think we can sell for you we'll get back to you to request more details and photos or arrange meeting you and giving you a valuation. 


"Do you accept anything vintage?" No, sorry, we only take items that we know our customers will like, and that will suit our shop, always worth asking though!

"Do you provide a valuation?"

Yes! We will give you an estimate price range, we always try and get our stockists the highest amount possible though, it is in both our interests to do so after all.

"Are there any extra fees?" 

Nope, nothing, nowt, nish, not a sausage.

"Do you collect my items from my home?"

Yep! at a prearranged time with yourself. Please note that currently we are only accepting items in the North East area, UK though

"Why can't I just sell my stuff at the highest value possible on marketplace / ebay / gumtree etc?"

Ok so no-one has actually asked this but you're possibly thinking it. You can try, sure. We have a shop, a website, and social media with fairly high traffic numbers where people will see your items. We have a large number of people coming in to our shop every week, not necessarily looking for something until they see that thing that we are selling for you. Not only that but having an item in a shop environment in the first place increases the amount that items will sell for, it's just nicer for customers, risk free and often a more familiar process than buying something blind on facebook, plus they don't need a van.

"How can I trust you with my item? I don't even know you?"

Fair point! Well firstly we have a shop, so you can come down and visit your item(s) at any time, and see the price we have on it too. Oh there is also an agreement that we will both sign around item condition and sale amount etc

If there is anything else you want to ask just drop us an email.

That's it, simple!

We look forward to meeting you.

Dan and team.