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About Us

Bibelot Nook was started by Dan and Faye, it began as a shared hobby and was simply a small set of shelves in a shop, the clue to our roots is in the name, ‘Bibelot’ (bib-el-oh) means “a small, decorative ornament or trinket” and ‘Nook’ being "a small space”. We started life in a fantastic shop in Newcastle Upon Tyne called Flea Circus. (If you haven’t checked out Flea Circus yet you really should).

Here at Bibelot Nook we hand pick vintage items that we love, and if we love them, then we know you guys will too. Although we have a particular fondness for midcentury items our tastes are broad, and we hope this is exhibited in our stock.

We love to get to know our customers and to see the lovely spaces you have made for yourselves, as well as your favourite items so please get in touch or tag us on social media.

Much love

Dan & Faye (Bibelot Nook)