Design ideas for small yards

Design ideas for small yards

Wooo it’s that time of year again where we get to sit outside a bit without two coats on. It’s also that time of year where you look around at that outdoor space and wish it was as nice as your inside space. This post is specifically for those that only have a small yard, because sadly we can relate :(


1. Extend the inside space, outside

Maybe a good way to start is with the furniture, it doesn't have to be picnic benches and plastic chairs any more, there are some really nice affordable outdoor furniture solutions out there nowadays. Counter intuitively, large sunken furniture actually makes outside spaces feel bigger believe it or not!

2. Decking 

Yeah we know, not exactly a groundbreaking concept but hiding that cracked cement and wonky bricks with a bit of decking can really make a lot of difference. It doesn’t have to be a massive project either, even a small deck can help ease the transition from inside to outside

3. Plants

So you don’t have conventional flower beds but you can make some raised beds out of reclaimed wood to grow some plants in, or even some veg. Plants kinda make a garden after all! 

4. Get some art outside

No I don’t mean literally get some prints and hang them outside, but there are There are loads of options of decorative things to put on walls or free stand in your yard. Just looking around Flea Circus right now we have everything from vintage metal advertising signs to sun dials, large ornaments, hand made bird boxes and wooden masks.

5. Light

No i’m not talking about festoon lighting necessarily, because obviously it’ll mostly be daytime when you’re outside however think about how use of mirrors and bright paint could effect how light behaves in your space, and perhaps use these to brighten up dark areas.



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