What is Vintage Furniture?

There are many definitions of what vintage furniture is but we define it as anything older than 40 years old and younger than 100 years. 100 years old and older is antique furniture, and 20-30 years old we define as retro furniture. Another term you will see throughout our website is Midcentury Furniture. We define Midcentury Furniture as being created between 1949 - 1970.

Is Vintage Furniture Sustainable?

We believe so yes, when you buy vintage furniture you are buying something that has had one or perhaps many former lives, imagine if each one of those families had bought a new item of furniture and then thrown it away? Every time someone buys an item of vintage furniture, they are not buying something new. They are often buying furniture that has stood the test of time and has been expertly crafted out of durable materials.

Is Vintage Furniture In Fashion?

Yep! and we hope it stays that way, not just because we love it, but because we believe it is better for our planet to keep reusing than to manufacture from new. The term vintage covers such a large scope of styles and design periods that we see no reason why it shouldn't stay fashionable.